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Kiriban 9 by Hassliebling Kiriban 9 :iconhassliebling:Hassliebling 0 0 Kiriban 8 by Hassliebling Kiriban 8 :iconhassliebling:Hassliebling 0 0
My cosplay idea
At an anime convention
Narrator: Cosplay number (, let's say) 17 in the amateur's competition: Link and the ocarina. Link came back home from ocarina class and now he's trying out what he learned last lesson.
(While he speaks, I enter the stage riding on a real horse)
Me: Okay, Epona, let me down!
(settling down)
So, let's see, how's the melody going?
(trying to play a somewhat known melody)
(getting on the horse again, then riding towards off-stage)
Almost forgot!
(handing the narrator a sheet of paper, audience laughs, then applause)
Narrator: Link and the ocarina, playing Star Fox
w/ Anonymus as Link, riding on (, let's say) Black Beauty as Epona. He hopes to bring back the horse some time soon!
:iconhassliebling:Hassliebling 0 4
Kiriban 7 by Hassliebling Kiriban 7 :iconhassliebling:Hassliebling 0 0 Kiriban 6 by Hassliebling Kiriban 6 :iconhassliebling:Hassliebling 1 0 Kiriban 5 by Hassliebling Kiriban 5 :iconhassliebling:Hassliebling 0 1 Kiriban 4 by Hassliebling Kiriban 4 :iconhassliebling:Hassliebling 0 0 Yet another kiriban by Hassliebling Yet another kiriban :iconhassliebling:Hassliebling 0 0 FemSelfie by Hassliebling
Mature content
FemSelfie :iconhassliebling:Hassliebling 6 0
Another Kiriban by Hassliebling Another Kiriban :iconhassliebling:Hassliebling 9 0 Contortion costume by Hassliebling
Mature content
Contortion costume :iconhassliebling:Hassliebling 29 17
I can't think of a title by Hassliebling I can't think of a title :iconhassliebling:Hassliebling 24 0
When love walks away by Jeannie Ortega
Nubu Ibi nin Hana Pibi Lei Lei
Tashibi Nobo Ibi Tshibi Tzurbi Zei Lei
Kusu Tziki Boop Weni Weba Djooki
A Yuwa Tor Guino Bibi Flabazoogui
Lei Ya Ka Binor 
Le Djooksa B’nor 
No Beesi Bo Bitsuni Noubo
Nu Kanzon Zwee
A Bipsee Moo
Ebi Tzonke Boo
Su Tjworde Woo
Kuzee Steebi Lökwee Boo
We Bokswee Zwei
Kip Buli Astway
Mibo Nake Bay, Nubu
Kuzee Steebi Lökwee Boo (Oh)
Lou Bitsou Wee
Feebou Briksou Hurti Gür
Ipseib Nei Guieka Boo
Kuzee Steebi Lökwee Boo
Aka Tsuki Ebi Tsouka Bouni Nidmee 
Tsugaua Boo, Oh Wefi Uhbo Ree Wee
Tzigi Nouf A Nibi Mibi Beifoo
Woobi Tchoo A Mifi Weebi Gayfu
Adjutsa Binor
Le Ga Ka B’nor
No Beesi Bo Bitsuni Noubo
Nu Kanzon Zwee
A Bipsee Moo
Ebi Tzonke Boo
Su Tjworde Woo
Kuzee Steebi Lotwee Boo
We Bokswee Zwei
Kip Buli Astway
Mibo Nake Bay, Nubu
Kuzee Steebi Lökwee Boo
Lou Bitsou Wee
Feebou Briksou Hurti Gür
Ipseib Nei Guieka Boo
Kuzee Steebi Lökwee Boo
Anoo Insteb Uvalamoot
Iludee Lufseib Nod Zoop
Anee Fee Epee No
:iconhassliebling:Hassliebling 8 0
My own Kiriban by Hassliebling My own Kiriban :iconhassliebling:Hassliebling 13 0


Mature content
JANUARY JOURNEY :iconaccrodelajupe:Accrodelajupe 21 6
First time Microfoam Tapegag by LittleFavea
Mature content
First time Microfoam Tapegag :iconlittlefavea:LittleFavea 184 40
Jynx Kiss Secret by Mean-Motor-Scooter
Mature content
Jynx Kiss Secret :iconmean-motor-scooter:Mean-Motor-Scooter 22 7
Little Gray Men - Points of Articulation by AWMBH
Mature content
Little Gray Men - Points of Articulation :iconawmbh:AWMBH 138 9
Legal Slifer the Sky Dragon, and it gets better
Slifer has finally been legalized, and for the most part, his effect remains the same as the anime.
Slifer the Sky Dragon
Divine Beast
You must Tribute 3 monsters to Normal Summon this card (you cannot Set this card). The Normal Summon of this card cannot be negated. When this card is Normal Summoned, cards and effects cannot be activated. If this card is Special Summoned: Send it to the Graveyard during the End Phase. This card gains 1000 ATK and DEF for each card in your hand. When your opponent Normal or Special Summons a monster(s) in face-up Attack Position: That monster loses 2000 ATK, and if its ATK becomes 0 by this card's effect, destroy that monster.
The link can be found here
Now then, I said it gets better, and it does. The Creator God of Light, Horakhty is also slated for an OCG release. the rumour is that only 10,000 will be printed in japan. if that's the case it may be limited to those who
:icondueling-network:Dueling-Network 4 9
I'm back - Manga dragons
After a long while I've decided to stop neglecting this group. I still dont play yugioh as much as I used to, but I'll play for fun occasionally.
Now this may be old news to some/most of you, but just coming back, I found these guys and felt the need to talk about them.
the Duel Dragons.
Now in the manga, there are no signer dragons. However the monsters still make appearances as incredibly powerful synchros. They appear to have a similar role to the Earthbound Gods in that they corrupt their users and emit a powerful miasma. While there are a total of 9, I'll be talking about the counterparts to the signer dragons.
Flashing Carat Dragon - Stardust
Once per turn, during either player's turn: You can target 1 face-up card on the field; once during this turn, it cannot be destroyed by battle or by card effects.
:icondueling-network:Dueling-Network 1 0
OCG alert - New Blackwings
Many of you already know what the OCG is, but for those who don't, it stand for Original Card Game, and represents the japanese card game. The main difference is they get new cards before us.
Keeping that in mind, there are a couple cards in the OCG I'll be talking about.
Blackwing - Damascus the Polar Night
Blackwing - Gram the Shining Star
first up is Damascus.
Blackwing - Damascus the Polar Night
Winged Beast
You can send this card from your hand to the Graveyard to target 1 "Blackwing" monster you control: increase its ATK by 500.
In essence this card is a mini-Kalut, however there are some differences. you cannot use this on your opponents turn, and the ATK boost is permanant.
On a side note, having studied many things that'll never help me in life I can tell you "Damascus Steel" is the name given to certain ancient tools and weapons forged of a bluish metal with patterns in the surface th
:icondueling-network:Dueling-Network 2 2
Deck Doctor, bringing 'em back from extinction
This deck was submitted by PlatinumArtist
Size: 41
Monsters: 19
Jurrac Dino x3
Jurrac Aeolo x2
Jurrac Guaiba x3
Hyper Hammerhead x2
Sabersaurus X1
Jurrac Velo x1
Jurrac Protops x2
Jurrac Ptera x1
Jurrac Stauriko x1
Jurrac Herra x1
Jurrac Tyrannus x1
Jurrac Titano x1
Spells: 12
Mystical Space Typhoon x2
Monster Reborn x1
Swords of Revealing Light x1
Heavy Storm x1
Dark hole x1
Fossil Dig x2
Molten Destruction x2
Pot of Duality x1
Book of Moon x1
Traps: 10
Mirror Force x1
Seismic Shockwave x1
Magic cylinder x2
Bottomless trap hole x2
Kunai with Chain x1
Guard Mines x1
Saduretsu armor x1
Scrap Iron Scarecrow x1
:icondueling-network:Dueling-Network 1 5
Deck Docter, Gagaga... say that 3 times fast
Another deck from the White Rose. they're trying to make an Xyz deck that focuses around Gagaga magician, Gagaga girl, and the Numbers monsters.
Deck: 40
Monsters: 25
Mystical Shine Ball x3
Chaos Sorcerer x2
Effect Veiler x1
Fulelf x2
Gagaga Girl x3
Gagaga Magician x3
Miracle Flipper x1
Mystic Tomato x2
Sangan x1
Shining Angel x1
The Agent of Creation - Venus x2
Tour Guide From the Underworld x2
Zexal Weapon - Unicorn King Spear x2
Spells: 8
Inferno Reckless Summon x1
Magical Dimension x2
Magical Mallet x2
Monster Reborn x1
Wonder Wand x2
Traps: 7
Gagaga Guard x1
Gagaga Shield x2
Magician's Circle x2
Xyz Reborn x2
Extra Deck :15
Ally of justice Catastor x1
Chaos No.39 Kibo ou Hope Ray x1
Diagusto Emeral x1
Gachi Gachi Gentetsu x1
Magi Magi Magician Girl x1
No.11 Big Eye x1
No.17 Revise Dragon x1
No.20 Giga-Brilliant x1
No.39 Kibo ou Hope x3
No.61 Volcasaurus x1
No.96 Black Mist x1
Steelswarm Roach x1
Wind-Up Zenmaines x1
:icondueling-network:Dueling-Network 1 1
Featured Deck: Vanilla + Xyz
As I'm sure, many of you have encountered a meta deck by now. Six Samurai, Inzektor, Wind-Ups. These decks are all above most other decks in that they can swarm the feild with ease, can a ton of cards before even attacking, and limit your actions. chances are if you dont use these yourself, you have a hard time dueling them.
So what could you do to stop these decks? Negate monster effects, prevent swarming, and protecting your monsters.
I have a deck that can do all this while at the same time ensuring you're the only kid on the block with this deck.
Vanilla uses next to no effect monsters. They're all normal. The border of normal monsters is the color of vanilla, hence its name. Because you dont use effect monsters, Skill Drain will have no effect on you. And since you're not swarming, Summon Limit will likewise be of no effect.
To modernize this idea, I've added Xyz monstrers. Keep in mind if you want to build this in real life, it's uber expensive, using both Skill Drain and Rescue
:icondueling-network:Dueling-Network 2 2
Deck Doctor: Last Warrior
In the spirit of this weeks underdog card: Last Warrior From Another Planet, I've been spending the past few days building a deck around him and testing it. It's become as good as I can get it with my skills and knowledge of the game.
I want you all to take a look and see how you would improve this deck. Personally it's not my style, but I had fun with it nonetheless.
the idea behind the deck is getting Last Warrior out. his ability protects him from monsters, but flip effects, spells and traps still pose a threat, so the rest of the deck is designed to cover Last Warrior.
Main: 46
Monsters: 29
Arcana Force 0 - The Fool x3
Black Luster Soldier-Envoy of the Beginning x1
Chaos Sorcerer x1
Elemental Hero Prisma x3
Herald of Green Light x3
Herald of Orange Light x2
Herald of Purple Light x2
Honest x1
King of the Swamp x3
Marshmallon x2
Maryokutai x3
Sangan x1
Spirit Reaper x1
Zombyra the Dark x3
Spells: 14
Dark Hole x1
Fusion Gate x1
Future Fusion x1
Lightning Vortex x1
Monster Reborn x1
:icondueling-network:Dueling-Network 1 4
Deck Doctor #1
This deck was submitted by a DN user called The White Rose.
Monsters: 22
Bird of Roses x2
Blue Rose Dragon x1
Copy Plant x2
Dark Verger x2
Gigaplant x2
Glow-Up Bulb x1
Lonefire Blossom x1
Lord Poison x2
Queen Angel of Roses x2
Spore x1
Twilight Rose Knight x3
Tytannial, Princess of Camellias x1
Violet Witch x2
Spells: 8
Mark of the Rose x2
Miracle Fertilizer x2
Monster Reborn x1
The World Tree x1
Thorn of Malice x2
Traps: 10
Blossom Bombardment x2
Plant Food Chain x2
Pollinosis x2
Solemn Warning x1
Wall of Thorns x3
Ally of Justice Catstor x1
Black Rose Dragon x3
Black-Winged Dragon x2
Queen of Thorns x3
Scrap Dragon x1
Splendid Rose x2
Stardust Dragon x2
No.39 Kibo ou Hope
Ok everyone, give it a crack, it's already a decent deck. Lets see what we can do to make it great!
:icondueling-network:Dueling-Network 1 15
Down to Troll-town  Part 5 by exkhale Down to Troll-town Part 5 :iconexkhale:exkhale 35 13 Down to Troll-town  Part 4 by exkhale Down to Troll-town Part 4 :iconexkhale:exkhale 38 5 Down to Troll-town  Part 3 by exkhale Down to Troll-town Part 3 :iconexkhale:exkhale 33 15 Down to Troll-town  Part 2 by exkhale Down to Troll-town Part 2 :iconexkhale:exkhale 44 11



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