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Transgender dress tutorial :iconhassliebling:Hassliebling 0 0
Kiriban 9 by Hassliebling Kiriban 9 :iconhassliebling:Hassliebling 0 0 Kiriban 8 by Hassliebling Kiriban 8 :iconhassliebling:Hassliebling 0 0
My cosplay idea
At an anime convention
Narrator: Cosplay number (, let's say) 17 in the amateur's competition: Link and the ocarina. Link came back home from ocarina class and now he's trying out what he learned last lesson.
(While he speaks, I enter the stage riding on a real horse)
Me: Okay, Epona, let me down!
(settling down)
So, let's see, how's the melody going?
(trying to play a somewhat known melody)
(getting on the horse again, then riding towards off-stage)
Almost forgot!
(handing the narrator a sheet of paper, audience laughs, then applause)
Narrator: Link and the ocarina, playing Star Fox
w/ Anonymus as Link, riding on (, let's say) Black Beauty as Epona. He hopes to bring back the horse some time soon!
:iconhassliebling:Hassliebling 0 4
Kiriban 7 by Hassliebling Kiriban 7 :iconhassliebling:Hassliebling 0 0 Kiriban 6 by Hassliebling Kiriban 6 :iconhassliebling:Hassliebling 1 0 Kiriban 5 by Hassliebling Kiriban 5 :iconhassliebling:Hassliebling 0 1 Kiriban 4 by Hassliebling Kiriban 4 :iconhassliebling:Hassliebling 0 0 Yet another kiriban by Hassliebling Yet another kiriban :iconhassliebling:Hassliebling 0 0 FemSelfie by Hassliebling
Mature content
FemSelfie :iconhassliebling:Hassliebling 6 0
Another Kiriban by Hassliebling Another Kiriban :iconhassliebling:Hassliebling 9 0 Contortion costume by Hassliebling
Mature content
Contortion costume :iconhassliebling:Hassliebling 29 17
I can't think of a title by Hassliebling I can't think of a title :iconhassliebling:Hassliebling 24 0
When love walks away by Jeannie Ortega
Nubu Ibi nin Hana Pibi Lei Lei
Tashibi Nobo Ibi Tshibi Tzurbi Zei Lei
Kusu Tziki Boop Weni Weba Djooki
A Yuwa Tor Guino Bibi Flabazoogui
Lei Ya Ka Binor 
Le Djooksa B’nor 
No Beesi Bo Bitsuni Noubo
Nu Kanzon Zwee
A Bipsee Moo
Ebi Tzonke Boo
Su Tjworde Woo
Kuzee Steebi Lökwee Boo
We Bokswee Zwei
Kip Buli Astway
Mibo Nake Bay, Nubu
Kuzee Steebi Lökwee Boo (Oh)
Lou Bitsou Wee
Feebou Briksou Hurti Gür
Ipseib Nei Guieka Boo
Kuzee Steebi Lökwee Boo
Aka Tsuki Ebi Tsouka Bouni Nidmee 
Tsugaua Boo, Oh Wefi Uhbo Ree Wee
Tzigi Nouf A Nibi Mibi Beifoo
Woobi Tchoo A Mifi Weebi Gayfu
Adjutsa Binor
Le Ga Ka B’nor
No Beesi Bo Bitsuni Noubo
Nu Kanzon Zwee
A Bipsee Moo
Ebi Tzonke Boo
Su Tjworde Woo
Kuzee Steebi Lotwee Boo
We Bokswee Zwei
Kip Buli Astway
Mibo Nake Bay, Nubu
Kuzee Steebi Lökwee Boo
Lou Bitsou Wee
Feebou Briksou Hurti Gür
Ipseib Nei Guieka Boo
Kuzee Steebi Lökwee Boo
Anoo Insteb Uvalamoot
Iludee Lufseib Nod Zoop
Anee Fee Epee No
:iconhassliebling:Hassliebling 8 0
My own Kiriban by Hassliebling My own Kiriban :iconhassliebling:Hassliebling 13 0


Spooked - Part 2 by chiscringle
Mature content
Spooked - Part 2 :iconchiscringle:chiscringle 46 17
Spooked - Part 1 by chiscringle
Mature content
Spooked - Part 1 :iconchiscringle:chiscringle 25 18
Freshly Driven by chiscringle
Mature content
Freshly Driven :iconchiscringle:chiscringle 2 0
Unicorn Power by chiscringle
Mature content
Unicorn Power :iconchiscringle:chiscringle 9 7
Last Exit by chiscringle
Mature content
Last Exit :iconchiscringle:chiscringle 6 3
Speed Limit by chiscringle
Mature content
Speed Limit :iconchiscringle:chiscringle 3 0
Homeward Track by chiscringle
Mature content
Homeward Track :iconchiscringle:chiscringle 3 3
Multilane by chiscringle
Mature content
Multilane :iconchiscringle:chiscringle 4 0
101D: Christmas All Over Again
It was Christmas Eve on Dearly Farm, and once again, the Dalmatians were having a white Christmas. It was always a tradition for them to have a Christmas party together celebrating the festivities and doing all the many traditions that everyone loved to do at Christmas.
Several pups were decorating the Christmas tree putting up special ornaments. Lucky and Two-Tone had a special ornament of their own to place on the tree.
"So, Two-Tone," said Lucky, "are you ready to put this on the tree?"
"You bet I am," said Two-Tone with a smile.
Two-Tone then positioned herself for Lucky to climb onto her shoulders. Lucky climbed onto Two-Tone's shoulders so that he could reach the branch to put their ornament on.
"It looks so lovely on the tree," said Two-Tone.
Lucky nodded in agreement.  However, he and Two-Tone looked around the tree and noticed other couples doing the same thing they were doing. Some pups even piled up in threes to reach the higher branches.
Belchic and Tippy took notice o
:iconpowerpup97:powerpup97 7 1
PAW Patrol: Pups Save the Dance Competition
One day at Adventure Bay, a stage was being set up. They were planning to have a dance competition.
"Oh, this is so exciting," said Mayor Goodway. "Adventure Bay's dance competition is sure to be a smash."
"We never seem to disappoint," said Ryder.
"Indeed, Ryder," said Mayor Goodway.  "But I'm excited to see that special dance the PAW Patrol will be doing at the show.  I'm sure those pups will win."
"You think so?" said a familiar voice.
Ryder and the mayor turned around to see none other than Mayor Humdinger, the mayor of Foggy Bottom.
"What's a competition without me?" he asked sinisterly.
"Oh, you know you never win anything," said Mayor Humdinger.
"True, but I think this time, Foggy Bottom will win for a change," said Mayor Humdinger. "My daughter, Melissa, and her boyfriend, Charles, have come up with quite a dance that will surely blow you all away!"
"You're not cheating with robots again, are you?" Ryder asked suspiciously.
"Oh, no. This time, I assure you this is leg
:iconpowerpup97:powerpup97 8 2
PAW Patrol: Pups in Disguise (Part 2)
As Ryder left the pups, Marshall decided to walk around and let Chase mingle with some other people.  Chase was curious as to where Marshall was taking him and the others. Soon, they ran into a young adult named Mike.
"Oh, excuse me," said Mike.
"Sorry. I didn't see you there," said Chase in a disguised voice.
"Say, I haven't seen you around town," said Mike. "Are you new here?"
Chase stammered a bit and said, "Why, yes. My name is Chase. I'm visiting from Adventure Bay. I'm the uncle of one of the nominees here: Ryder."
"Nice to meet you, Chase. I'm Mike," he said as he extended his hand out to shake.
Chase hesitated. He lifted his paw up to shake, but the sleeve of the coat was hanging over his paw.
Zuma quickly stuck his paw out and shook Mike's hand.
After they shook, Zuma pulled his paw back in, and Mike said, "You like to bundle up in your coat, eh?"
"Uh, yeah," Chase chuckles nervously. "I do get chilly quite easily.
Skye face pawed and groaned.
"I'm here for my brother, Jo
:iconpowerpup97:powerpup97 6 5
PAW Patrol: Pups In Disguise (Part 1)
Morning had just begun at Adventure Bay. The pups at the Paw Patrol lookout were sleeping. The German Shepherd known as Chase, however, woke up when he noticed the sun rising. He woke up with a big yawn and walked out into the field.
One by one, each of the other pups woke up and joined Chase, except for Marshall the Dalmatian. Marshall was a heavy sleeper, so he remained asleep. This morning, however, things were a little different. Marshall was hungry. He heard his stomach growl, which startled him so much that he woke up and bumped his head on the brow of his dog house.
"Oww," he said rubbing his head. Then he noticed the other pups. It looked like they were getting ready to play. Since he was already awake, he decided to go join in on the fun.
Chase gathered around all the other pups and said, "Morning, guys!  How about we start off the day with a little play time?"
Skye yipped and did a backflip. "I'm up for that!"
"Hey, where's Marshall?" Rubble asked curiously.
"He's probab
:iconpowerpup97:powerpup97 9 10
Lupus Domesticus by chiscringle
Mature content
Lupus Domesticus :iconchiscringle:chiscringle 2 0
The Tail of the Wolf and the Shepherd by chiscringle
Mature content
The Tail of the Wolf and the Shepherd :iconchiscringle:chiscringle 5 2
Twos a Wolf by chiscringle
Mature content
Twos a Wolf :iconchiscringle:chiscringle 7 0
Verified Vixen by chiscringle
Mature content
Verified Vixen :iconchiscringle:chiscringle 11 9



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